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OPINION | The people in Matebeleland are ready for a new Zimbabwe

The year 2023 is about the underpaid and demotivated civil servants, teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers and soldiers who are earning peanuts whilst the government is squandering the taxpayers money on things that don't matter. It's time for civil servants to earn decent salaries, it's time for civil servants to be respected! We need new leaders. Go and register to vote and vote Nelson Chamisa for President come 2023. It is about the graduates who have never been employed in their lives due to bad governance in Zimbabwe, the the ghetto youths in Mbare, Fio and Mufakose who are involuntarily abusing drugs because the government has failed to create jobs for them, removing an incompetent government, its about removing a corrupt government, removing a brutal regime that have no respect for the citizens. A year of removing ZANU-PF from power it is also about electing a people's government! Go and register to vote

After all is said and done the people are the ultimate owners of the country. If Zimbabwe was a house, I would say Zimbabweans are the landlords. We have the power to decide who leads this country and who does not. Come 2023 we shall exercise that power and elect Nelson Chamisa as the President of this country. I don't blame Zimbabweans for taking part in this demonstration in 2017. Robert Mugabe was a ruthless dictator and he had to go, all we wanted was change and a new beginning. What we are seeing today is not what we expected, the situation in Zimbabwe right now is not what people marched for but it was just hope. Admittedly, a mistake was made that is the mistake of entrusting political power in the hands of the military. But the good thing is that this mistake can be corrected, and people have an opportunity to correct it in 2023Come 2023 Zimbabweans must exorcise the demon of military dictatorship. Let people register to vote and turn up to vote for a genuine civillian government on the election day. After voting the youth must protect and defend their votes. Zambia and Malawi showed how it can be done meaning anyone can do it too

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