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The South Africans urged Fikile Mbalula to Do the unexpected

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The South Africans urged Fikile Mbalula to repair the dilapidated railroad tracks he cared for before running for another vote.

Mbalula was appointed Deputy Minister of Police in the cabinet of Jacob Zuma in May 2009 and later became the Minister of Sport and Recreation after President Jacob Zuma changed his cabinet.

On 31 March 2017, following a controversial reshuffling in the cabinet, Mbalula was appointed as Minister of Police taking over from Nathi Nhleko after lobbying from the ANC Youth League and possibly as a reward for loyalty towards Zuma, according to media speculation.

They want to know why the Minister of Transportation knows that the Ministry of Transportation is not doing well under his care, and why he wants to promote his ruling party. Some people said that before Mr. Fikile Mbalula aka Mr. Fix became Minister of Transport, they used trains because they were cheaper and very affordable. They find that they now have to pay high transportation costs to carry out normal business. A man complained: "Brother... I bought a monthly pass for R160, which means I can ride unlimited times throughout the month.

In the 2009 general elections he was the manager of the ANC election campaign, which was considered highly successful.

Mbalula was elected to the ANC NEC at the party's Polokwane conference in December 2007 in 15th place, measured in the number of votes. He subsequently retired as president of the ANC Youth League of which, at age 36, he was no longer eligible to be a member.

Now I spend about R800 in a taxi every month. Many others complain about the same thing. For ANCs in many parts of the country, the latest election campaigns are not going well. Recently, a famous mayor was kicked out of an election campaign in his city. President Cyril Ramaphosa's campaign in Soweto was also hindered by angry local residents who said they had used electricity for two years and that the government had violated what was done to them. Most promises. Andile Lungisa and others begged people to vote for the ANC again, saying they would do better on the subway this time.

Mbalula was elected president of the ANC Youth League in August 2004, having previously held the post of secretary general.

Mbalula has been credited with installing South African President Thabo Mbeki in that position, and for later deposing him as head of the ANC. His support has also been described as key in gaining Zuma the ANC presidency in a hard-fought race with Mbeki.

They found it difficult to promote this local election. This shows that the country's political landscape has changed. People now demand accountability, good services, and are no longer prejudiced like in the past. People are already looking for alternatives, which will wake the ANC from its deep sleep. Large-scale corruption and misappropriation of public funds by senior officials will not help the party. A South African woman complained about the deteriorating railway conditions in the country and said that under the supervision of Mr. Fikile Mbalula, the system was collapsing and he was still campaigning for his party. She said it was an insult to the people of South Africa. In the end she wrote: "Since the Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula took up this position, he was just useless and incompetent. The collapse of PRASA and rail services should be directly blamed on him. Under his leadership, cable theft and railroad robbery have become more serious."

He also supported the candidacy of Julius Malema to succeed him as head of the Youth League in what was seen as a move to ensure continuing League support for Zuma.

In May 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed Mbalula to the post of Minister of Transport, succeeding Blade Nzimande.

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