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OPINION | Richard Bay Mayor Puts On Blue Light Extravaganza To Impress His Wife


It has been three weeks after the nearby government elections,the civic chairmen of different manucipalities are being instated.The Inkatha Freedom Party has guaranteed not many mayoral situations across the area of Kwazulu natal in the wake of participating in the alliance with the African National Congress.Things have radically changed without precedent for constituent history of South Africa,the African National Congress neglected to acquire and outperform the 50% imprint for the first time,the ANCs shortcomings naturally meant the resistance parties,of which some of them are very young.The mayoral and the speaker's positions were exceptionally challenged in different manucipalities. 

The recently selected chairman of the Inkatha Freedom Party Nkonzoyakhe Donda got individuals talking after he got her significant other a wonderful vehicle simply seven days after he was elected,the chairman was accompanied by the guard of X5s BMW with blue lights.The chairman carried the city to a halt and individuals began grumbling that he has as of now began abusing the public funds.The south African Police Services has the VIP unit that can deal with these individuals as opposed to parading infront of the electors with a blue lights of an extravagant vehicles. 

The legislators are getting a charge out of sumptuous lives,given the way that numerous manucipalities are under organization and the help conveyance seriously affected,it will be greatly improved for the manucipalities to reduce the superfluous expenses by rejecting a portion of the advantages appreciated by the employees.People can't be utilizing in excess of five vehicles to accompany one person to his wife.The inefficient uses are exceptionally normal inside the political spectrum,some of the government officials are facilitating pointless occasions and services to the detriment of the helpless south Africans,such assets could in all likelihood be coordinated to a portion of a vital issues influencing the conventional individuals. 

It high time that the legislators changes their attitude,the African National Congress has experienced an incredible misfortune because of this inefficient practices that are advancing the interests of the government officials in front of the majority.

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