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Opinion|Being in the ANC is fast becoming the most Hazardous job in the world. Members are getting executed

Being a politician is seen by many as the most lucrative career in South Africa. It requires no formal qualifications. All you need is a bunch of people who believe in you then you are in.

One of the other lucrative positions that are within reach by those at the bottom of the food chain is being a counselor. Counselor stand for municipal elections in their wards.

A counselor was gunned down in Mabopane by unknown gunmen. The counselor was traveling in a car with his uncle and nephew. The gunmen shot at the vehicle he was traveling in forcing all occupants to exit the vehicle and ran on food.

The attackers went after him and cornered him. They then emptied their magazines in to his body. The gunmen were armed with assault rifles ready to kill.

This type of story is not new or unique. Members of the ANC especially those at the bottom have been killed for their position for a long time. During municipal elections it seems these killings start to escalate.

The government is biggest employer in South Africa and being a politician comes with a big salary and fancy perks. People are willing to kill to get those jobs.

The Electoral Act should be amended to allow people to act independently instead of being chosen by parties. This could help lower the rate of this killings.

South Africa is heading to the municipal elections on the 1st of November 2021. The EIC wanted to postpone the elections to next year. The Constitutional Court gave that request the thumbs down.

Elections in South Africa take place every five years. Choosing the right leader is important to advance the needs of the community. The killing of candidates and counselors result in bi-elections. This can be chaotic and tiring for people who are very busy.


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