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Ace Magashule | I'm Innocent I Dont Know Why They After Me

When they work together, the giver needs him to understand the full extent of what has happened over time, and that the truth lies in the present, not in memory.

The donor says he doesn't know what bravery means, but he has taught Jonas "bravery to face trauma and pain with his eyes open.

When Jonas says that he understands the pain of experiencing the memory of a sunburn or the loss of the words of the giver, the giver has compassion and struggles with his sense of duty.    

We see the giver in silence, while Jonas claims to understand the pain of sunburn. The giver looks as if he cannot bear to see what he is doing, but he does. The person at the other end of the line introduces himself as Ace Magashule, the Prime Minister of the Free State.    

During the trial, dozens of ANC supporters and members chanted outside the court in Bloemfontein to show their solidarity with Magashule.

Members of the Democratic Alliance from the entire Free State were also present and welcomed the arrest of the Prime Minister. They held up placards that read: "Magashule has fallen into the hands of the ANC" and "The Free State is imprisoning him.".    

Other NEC members who showed support for Magashule including former State Security Minister Bongani Bongo, accused of corruption ; musician and former prime minister Supra Mahumapelo of the northwest ; and ANC spokespeople Pule Mabe and Dakota Legoete.

Magashire's next court date is set for February 19, a day before the ANC adjourned discussion of his fate. He appeared in Bloemfontein Magistrates Court on Friday charged with 13 counts of fraud, corruption and money laundering. He is also accused of corruption, fraud, theft, money laundering and related fraud in tenders.    

During Magashule's bail hearing, Magashule addressed his supporters in court and said he would resign from his post as secretary general of his party if the judge asked him to do so.

He reaffirmed his sincere conviction that he would not be removed from office until the proceedings were completed. He also welcomed the fact that his former PA had become a state witness and said that anyone who believed he was corrupt should be brought to justice.    

Ace Magashule has insisted he is innocent after appearing in court on Friday. The ANC secretary-general has said he will judge the South African public on what he does on his day in court.

His comments came hours after he appeared at Bloemfontein Magistrates' Court in an asbestos corruption case.    

It remains to be seen whether the expulsion will provoke a defiant Magashule. His complaint against the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC, its highest decision-making body, at the conference earlier this year in Soweto stated that the parties would not be settled in court by the NEC.    

Supporters of the Magashules claim that state institutions are being used to fight back. One of his leading public supporters, Carl Niehaus, is a key aide in Magashula's office and has been suspended by the party's disciplinary leadership for his comments.

A former personal assistant of Magashule who testified against him says there will be no consequences.    

As the party's full-time administrator, Magashule has considerable power to build the party ahead of next year's leadership elections with grassroots support, particularly in Ramaphosa, but it will be difficult for the party. Insiders say Magashire's tactic is to delay, delay and delay until the ANC awaits its National General Council, attended by between 4,000 and 5,000 industry representatives, after five annual conferences.    

The election of Magashule as the party's new general secretary would ensure that allies of the disgraced Zuma continue to tarnish the name and reputation of the ruling party. ANC general secretary Ace Magashules says only party branches can remove him from office.

Becoming a general secretary gives him the opportunity to secure one of the party's most powerful offices and avoid being swept into political oblivion by the sweep of change Ramaphosa threatens to wield.    

Last week, the city of Los Angeles agreed to pay 2.4 million dollars to two men who were kept in jail for years for crimes that they did not commit.    

The free state province that Magashule led before he became ANC secretary-general has been the scene of some of the most devastating corruption schemes by the powerful Gupta family, which used corruption to gain influence, win contracts and plunder state resources.    

A certain Elias Sekgobelo Magashule, for example, was relieved that Mpambani's death did not attract much attention. "When I got home, I drove to the house where my mother was killed and grew up and was killed. Someone killed the president and his enemies, good people, good workers.    

And I have made a number of other visits to different places and met different people in a way that has enabled me to bring this nightmare about which I lied into my real life. I know it's definitely about money, I mean it's not about money.

It is about allowing me to continue to do what I like to do, which is to teach in youth homes, speak out against the death penalty and enjoy the rest of my life.    

It is a justification, an admission that the city at the highest level was not just about me and my father and our family, but about things made worse by the rampant corruption of a few officers.    

One of the donors is to ensure that the memories of humanity are passed on so that the donor can continue. By persecuting you, we deprive them of the protection of the memory of you, and they leave no one to help them. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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