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"I'm Tsonga, l already know how it feels to be a foreigner in my own country." A guy cries out

As much as we hate to talk about it the reality is that tribalism is still alive and well in South Africa. We must keep a sense of proportion about it though. Some people seem to think tribalism is an unmitigated evil, but it is not. Every ethnic group has its own cultural features and may, therefore, have something of value to contribute to the way of life of the country or region of which it forms a part. 

The problems arises when we start looking at other tribes to be inferior than others. One might ask, what is tribalism?

Tribalism is the tribal consciousness and loyalty; especially : exaltation of the tribe above other groups. 

It's a pity that our country has a dark history of segregation that was fuelled by apartheid, people were divided. Fast forward to the year 2021 our country still suffers the effects of that dark history today through tribalism and racism

This matter was recently brought to the spotlight after one gentleman posted this.👇🏾

It breaks my heart that today in 2021 we are still discriminated in our own country by our own African brothers and sisters who feel their tribe is superior. 

This is really heartbreaking and l can only pray that South Africa moves past this evil mentality.

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