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Good News: Chief Justice Mogoeng Ready To Run For Presidency

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Christians seem to be overjoyed by South Africa's current Chief Justice Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng's statements about him being ready to run for the presidency of South Africa. The 60-year-old pastor is known for his robust faith and determination to continually updated be an ethical leader who is always led by the Spirit of the Lord.

Chief Justice Mogoeng has never been ashamed of his faith in Christ Jesus. He has always sought to serve God and do right by the people of South Africa. He has held the office of being the Chief Justice of this nation since 2011. In a meeting held in Vosloorus at the Kingdom Covenant Assembly, it became clear that South Africa and South Africans need a leader who is God-fearing and always seeks direction from the Lord.

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Chief Justice did not give the most direct response to the question of whether or not he would run for the presidency in the 2024 elections. He responded, "Well you know you must ask God to make it clear to you who He has chosen." He stressed the importance of certainty to avoid being used and using others to get ahead. If he would be president, it is clear according to his words that the only agenda he would push would be God's agenda. He continued, "All I can say is I am ready to do whatever the Lord wants me to do." He said these words boldly without mincing any.

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There was joy in the room he declared these words and according to Reverend Mathebula, there is some prophecy that was given perhaps about the chief justice becoming president one of these days. This is what Reverend Mathebula went on to say about this particular issue, "... Thank you, sir, together with your wife for standing in the gap and representing the Kingdom for all these years. I need to say that the boldness that I have received over the year, is because of you. So, above all that; I am so grateful that the answer I have been waiting for finally came."

The reverend continued to urge the Chief Justice that the work has already started because they understand the mandate and they understand the prophecy.

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What do you think this prophecy could be about?

According to Reverend Mathebula, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was born for such a time as this. Do you hold the same sentiments?

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The 60-year-old who completes his 10-year term of office on the 11th of October 2021 is embarking on a nationwide series of meetings to share messages that the Lord has given to him. According to him, he did not abandon his faith despite being chosen as the chief justice because he understands the kind of factionary he is going to be. He continued his statement by revealing that amid all the attacks, all those who were involved would come and repent. They will ask for forgiveness. The Lord, according to the chief justice is going to use him in a way that he cannot imagine.

Is Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng the "solution" that South Africa as a nation has needed for all these years?

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