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So sad Cyril Ramaphosa is now losing support from his own people.

It is a shared thought that even when others turn on you one can always depend on the support of his people. Take for instance in music Makhdzi one of South Africa top leading musician most of her greatest supporters are the Venda’s because that is were she comes from. However it seems for the president of South Africa and of the ANC that is not the case as his own people have turned their back on him.

The president of South Africa is said to come from the region of Vhembe and it seems that amidst the chaos ailing the party and the factions erupting mainly the RET factions sides are being taken. One would think people from his region of Vhembe would side with the president but it seems they have chosen to side with Ace Magashule.

Its been reported that the quantum’s that have been making waves on social media are coming from the Vhembe region. This is the presidents region and it comes without mention that when he is contesting or facing challenges his major support system should come from his region but it seems he has lost that.

However the ANC leadership in Vhembe should not be blamed for not siding with the RET faction as long as it is for the right reasons and it does not in anyway benefit them. It seems they have for reasons unknown decided to shift from supporting Ramaphosa to supporting Ace Magashule.

The party has been riddled with in fighting for a while some say since Ramaphosa took office which is not the case it has only intensified. First it was the removal of Thabo Mbeki from office before his term was complete, then came Jacob Zuma who was forced to resign before his tenure as well as it was said he was ruining the party’s image. Now there is Ramaphosa who people feel his policies are friendly but is now facing opposition from his party.

The party is clearly showing that the in fighting is mostly just about greed but not the interests of South Africa. They shall be the source of their own demise if they do not stop the fighting and put their hens in order as no party has ever survived division for example Cope and UDM which were destroyed because of in fighting. Take for instance the EFF party its a fairly new party but look at the strides they have made they have achieve this because amidst everything they always remain a united front

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