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Dr Mkhize Exposes Himself As He Details What He Is Alleged Guilty of Doing in Affidavit

Date: 21/10/21



South Africa is well aware that the former minister of health had to resign because he was allegedly accused of corruption. Many things however were not fully stated as to what exactly he had done and why he needed to resign or be fired from his position.

All of this was a mystery and the only thing South Africans saw happening was him resigning. In an affidavit that he wrote in order to cancel these chargers he stated what the special investigating unit is saying he is guilty of.


According to Dr Zweli Mkhize, the reason that he resigned his because he saw the special investigation unit report on the whole case and he did not want to put the president and awkward situation. In the an article by City press it's reported he said the following:

"Mkhize said in his founding affidavit that the SIU reached conclusions that he “may” have acted in an improper and criminal manner by supposedly inter alia:

* Interfering in the affairs of the health department;

* Causing irregular expenditure;

* Acting with a conflict of interest;

* Negligently approving budgets; and

* Failing to comply with “my obligations in terms of my performance contract, as a minister, with Ramaphosa”. "


When one looks very closely into these the allegations you can see that not at all is he being charged off stealing any money. As you can see and as he explained it was his associates including his own son who actually gained from this tender.

This is why in his case is trying to say that it was not him who's actually guilty of this but it is the people they are associating him with. He continued to say that he does not have any relationships with the people that they claim are his associates.

What is your take on the matter?

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