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It is No Surprise| The ANC Has Let Us Down Once Again

It is No Surprise| The ANC Has Let Us Down Once Again

Date: 2022/01/26

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has uncovered the damage and corruption that was done by the ANC, and it is no surprise that the South African people are going through a lot, they try by all means to live a flashy life by stealing from the people.

The Covid-19 PPE equipment money of up to 14.3 Billion rands was misused according to the report and we do not know how did it happen, but the issue is that people try by all mean to live better than others only to know that they are only killing themselves.

This is not a good thing to have people trying to break down people who are trying to help them, the government needs to put systems in place to make sure that everyone gets their fair share and not be subjected to newspapers mistreating them as most of the people that work there are caught up in the rat race when the internet exists.

Report: ANC must pay millions to restore suspended website or face legal  action

Jack Dorsey from Twitter is investing in companies that are good for the people, but the main issue is envy, people want to be like him without putting in the work. It is possible for South Africans to learn how to be independent, and live a good life, without being trapped by the industries.

Companies are becoming cult compounds, most people try to do what they can do but they just end up struggling more till they end up dying because if such traps are not good, they end up being trapped in such a way that they can never escape if the internet could come up with a way to teach people to make more money without having to mistreated by people that are claiming it is a sad story but it can change. 


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