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Cope Has Just Dropped A Bombshell On Jacob Zuma

Johannesburg – Cope has depicted the detainment of previous president Jacob Zuma as a triumph for the Constitution and the legal executive. 

Not long before 12 PM on Wednesday, a guard of vigorously furnished police, in twofold taxis, board vans and shielded Nyalas, begun gradually moving toward Zuma's home in Nkandla, KwaZulu Natal. 

Branch of Correctional Services representative Singabakho Nxumalo affirmed in an explanation that Zuma was conceded to Estcourt Correctional Center. 

"The detainment of previous President Jacob Zuma conveys a noisy and clear message that no one is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else, not even the leader of the country. This is unquestionably a triumph for our Constitution and the legal executive. Zuma and his allies imagined that they can subvert and dismiss law and order," said Cope representative Dennis Bloem. 

He said the measure of dangers of common conflict or savagery by Zuma allies will hinder the law implementation offices to execute their obligation. 

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"Adapt expects that Zuma won't get special treatment in jail. He should be dealt with like any remaining condemned detainees. We will screen the remedial office where he will carry out his punishment. 

"We should be cruel to anyone who needs to subvert or affront the laws of the country. The conduct of Jacob Zuma was disgusting and can't be trifled with'," said Bloem. 

He said Cope accepts firmly that Zuma has a place in prison. 

"He was criminally accused of scorn of court. He should show up before the commission and answer questions and he chose to leave and show the commission the center finger. 

"We accept that the long arm of the law has at last found Zuma. He and his allies never felt that this day will come. No one should at any point think or accept that they are exempt from the rules that everyone else follows. All are equivalent under the watchful eye of the law," Bloem said. 

Zuma's imprisoning drew blended sentiments from a profoundly isolated South African culture. Zuma's long-term allies bemoaned the imprisoning while others commended it as a triumph for law and order.

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