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Opinion | Friendship Between Ace Magashule And Edwin Sodi How It All Started ?

Lawyer Laurance Hode SC, who represents the controversial businessman Edwin Sodi and his blackhead consulting firm, told the free state presiding judge Cagney Musi yesterday that he had instructed his client, lawyer Fluxman, to make an application to have the fraud, corruption and money laundering charges declared unconstitutional.

Hode also provided the state with a draft statement from Magashula's former personal assistant, Moroadi Cholota, on her behalf, which she signed and refused to testify. Instead, Hode said, Magashule was released on bail on condition that he make no contact with her and go home.    Show Source Texts

In an interview Thursday with Newsroom Africa, EFF leader Julius Malema said he had no problem with the way businessman and ANC donor Edwin Sodi was arrested.

The Hollywood arrest has been criticized by ANC leaders, including General Secretary Ace Magashule, who suspects Sodi, the alleged mastermind of an asbestos project that fetched 255 million rupees in contracts and liberated the state, of receiving the same treatment from law enforcement.    Show Source Texts

Controversial businessman Edwin Sodi, along with Ace Magashule, the former prime minister of the Free State, and ten others, are among those charged over failed multi-million dollar asbestos tenders.

Sodi was suspended by the ANC secretary-general, and Magashula's nine co-defendants and five companies were charged with multiple counts of fraud, corruption and money laundering as well as a violation of the health and safety laws in connection with a R255 million project to remove asbestos from rooftops in the state.

As part of the criminal investigation, members of the ANC, the Hawks, the Free State Office, the DPP, the other NPA, the SCCU and the AFU are accused of fraud of 255 million rupees in the appointment of Blackhead Consultants to assess and remove asbestos from rooftops.    Show Source Texts

The Department of Free State Human Settlements (FSDHS) was owned by Magashule, Pheagane, Edwin Sodi and Johannesburg businessman Blackhead Consultants.

While working for the FSDHS, the department paid R5.1 million to businessman Edwin Sodi's firm Blackhead Consultants for a shady asbestos testing project involved in corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering. Sodi's business partner, Igo Mpambani, is at the centre of corruption allegations against the former prime minister of the state, Ace Magashule, who was shot dead in 2017.    Show Source Texts

Evidence presented to investigators showed that Sodi's firm, Blackhead Consulting, had received the asbestos order and made a payment of R3.4 million to the exposed person.

Sodi testified that there was nothing wrong with the R600,000 he had deposited (in his version) to pay his debt to the Zulus for luxury alcohol, which was obtained from one of their private companies.    Show Source Texts

Sodi testified that he only wanted to settle a six-month debt for luxury alcohol that he had received from the director-general of the National Human Settlements Division, Thabane Zulu.

Sodi was also a partner in a lucrative asbestos project in Zulus province. He and his business partner Ignatius Igo Mpambani set up a joint venture (JV) in 2014 to realise the project in KwaZulu-Natal, which ran until 2015.    Show Source Texts

Businessman Edwin Sodi was arrested along with Hawkss, Blackhead Consulting and a second firm, Diamond Hill Trade 74, who was the beneficiary of the asbestos contract in the centre of the allegations.

Sodi became a household name under the procedures of the State Commission of Inquiry, where he detailed how he filled the pockets of politicians in exchange for contracts. His arrest came just days after his startling confession of giving money to ANC officials and senior government officials.    Show Source Texts

This week Vincent Smith and Edwin Sodi were named in a high-profile corruption case after they were arrested by the country's top prosecutor and police as part of a massive corruption crackdown.

Earlier this week, the Hawks arrested six senior figures for their role in a R250 million project to test asbestos houses in the state. Soon after Hawk's arrest, Sodi, the alleged mastermind of an asbestos project that netted R255 million in contracts for the state and a Johannesburg company, was in what journalists viewed as a Hollywood-style arrest.    Show Source Texts

They include former ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule and 15 other people charged in connection with a 2014 tender fraud, while he was Prime Minister of the Free State.

Magashula's questionable dealings with state contracts during his tenure as a Prime Minister of the Free State and numerous other alleged misdemeanors have been subject to intense public scrutiny, and it appears that the long arm of the law has expanded to prosecute him through the right legal channels. He was wanted on a warrant amid decades of corruption allegations that have fueled the Hawks' investigation.    Show Source Texts

Edwin Sodi, director of Blackhead Consulting, will testify before the Johannesburg Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state violence on August 19, 2020. Spokesman Sipho Ngwema confirmed that suspect number three had tried to bribe officials of the controversial asbestos project in the Free State on Wednesday and was arrested.

Deputy Minister for State Security Zizi Kodwa said in 2015 that his friendship with former ANC leader Edwin Sodi, CEO of a company involved in an alleged asbestos looting scheme in the state of Gauteng, began in 2015.    Show Source Texts

The investigation by Pieter Louis Myburgh has examined detailed asbestos projects and transplants in the Free State under former Prime Minister Ace Magashule. In August 2019, Dukwana described Magashules as a "blessing" like a father at Christmas.    Show Source Texts

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