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Don't slave your capabilities

One of the most important conversations we need to have in 2021 is about how young people in political offices are employed. In theoretically strategic positions when I reality, they are reduced to professional photographers and escorts for their political principals. I have been paying attention to how politicians employ young people as strategic and serious positions, but then reduce the work of such people to follow them around to events and taking photos and consistently writing posts praising their principals as if this is part of their Key Performance Areas.

*The role of an advisor has never been to escorts a politician to events, and it has certainly never been to be a photographer. There are people who should play a strong role in strategy development. They should be identifying and facilitating resolutions of the issues related to project development, progress and implementation. They should be advertising priorities and managing emerging issues involving initiatives with other levels of government, agencies, associations or key stakeholders. They should be leading the departments strategy development task. They should be central to leading the cross-organisational coordination, integration and achievement of key strategic initiatives and projects. Instead, we have young people following their political principals all over the place, taking endless photos for social media consumptions, and advising through common sense and pedestrian politics.

It is not the fault of these young people that they're made redundant. It is the fault of political principals who employ advisors when they actually want are paid escorts, photographers and praise singers. You're destroying young people because despite the intimidating and serious titles you have given them, which comes with handsome salaries and benefits, they are no acquiring contributions to the institutions they're serving. Stop reducing us to your escorts and photographers, we should be spending time reading financial and organisational and production reports in order to build institutions.

* Personally I'll never be a politicians paid escorts or photographer unless my job relates to media or public relations. It is not going to happen. I'll travel with my political principal only when it is necessary but it is not going to be my primary responsibility, my daily commitment. Young people must remember that although we are employed in political offices, we do not work for politicians, we work for institutions. We work for the state. Our job is to assist politicians to perform their constitutional duties, it is not to serve politicians. There is a fine line between these two things. It must not be blurred

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