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Ramaphosa is left speechless after Top ANC bigwig quits in order to run for presidential election

contender from KwaZulu-Natal enters the contest to become the next president of the African National Congress (ANC)

This year's KZN presidential election has added a new contender.

In December, Sizani Dlamini-Dubazana stated that she would accept presidential nominations from the ANC's national conference.

Durban, South Africa It looks that the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal will divide into two groups at the national elective conference in December with the admission of another senior member into the presidential race.

One of Jacob Zuma's closest allies, former MP and ANC candidate Sizani Dlamini-Dubazana, has confirmed her candidacy for ANC president, becoming the party's second candidate after Dr. Zweli Mkhize.

When it came to securing a place in South Africa's ruling party, Mkhize seemed to be the only viable alternative.

According to ANC policy, Mkhize has not openly proclaimed his presidential intentions, despite considerable speculation, in conformity with ANC precedent.

Preparation for the national nomination process has included speeches by both candidates at regional and branch gatherings around the province.

Earlier this week, Dlamini-Dubazana told the Daily News that she had no problem being referred to as a Zuma fan because the former president acted as her commander-in-chief when she was in exile and as the leader of the African National Congress.

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma was born and nurtured in the same village as Dlamini-Dubazana, who has expressed her willingness to run for president or any other post in the ANC if nominated by branches.

She said that in ANC history, it was considered hostile to decline a nomination from a branch. Her statement also indicated that she owns Zuma's house in Johannesburg's Forest Town neighborhood. This weekend, her ward in KwaDambuza received her warmly, where she is presently living.

Dlamini-audience Dubazana's member, KwaDambuza ward councillor Shoti Zuma, said he would support her nomination for branch comradeship in the event that branch members put their names forward.

Dr. Zweli Mkhize is expected to run for president of the ANC at the upcoming national conference. There is a picture in the file."

Dlamini-Dubazana was asked whether she had any objections to Mkhize running for the same post as her because the ANC permits any member in good standing to run for any position as long as their branches support them, to which she answered that she did not have any objections.

She said, "I don't believe it'll be an issue if we both get nominated for the same post," noting that the ANC constitution permits any member in good standing to participate in elections.

Simphiwe Blose, one of Mkhize's lobbyists, rejected concerns that Dlamini's participation in the presidential election would jeopardize Mkhize's prospects of being voted into the party's influential top six.

It was Blose, who spearheaded the campaign for recently elected eThekwini chairwoman Zandile Gumede, who stated that she had got no mention from any branch or area. Because of the high expectations for Mkhize to represent the province in the national top six structure in many, if not all, of the province's regions, even if she were nominated, he didn't think it would interfere with his march to Luthuli House.

That the province couldn't afford another failure, he said. People who reject slate politics want Mkhize to finish in the top six, no matter where he comes in. You may have noticed that Mkhize is not affiliated with any of the slates now being circulated; this is because we want the movement to stay unified. Mkhize is the name of the province, and we're looking for additional provinces' names to discuss and assign responsibilities under. There will be two representatives from each area at our provincial convention, and we'll decide who gets what.

As of this writing, there are two more KZN candidates running for ANC president, according to the Independent on Sunday and the Independent on Sunday's Daily News in KZN.


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