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Breaking :ANC Top leader Arrested for Stabbing a bouncer last night

Issues are always many in the African National Congress. Day in and day out, top leaders of the African National Congress are always arrested and in trouble for so many cases in their organization. This is an enough exposure to the I'll discipline which is there in the African National Congress

Leaders in the organisations ans government, they must always at all material times display a good image to the public and shows the people that they can live well in the public and display a very good image at all material times.

Leaders in the communities are always expected to be leading by example at all Material times, the situation must forever be in that particular manner all the times, that's how the situation should forever be all material times. There are so many things of which we do not expect to be coming from our leaders at all

What the leadership of the African National Congress did shows a high level of lack of leadership within the ranks of the African National Congress. A good leader in a society can't go to a club with nife, irregardless of how the situation may be at all material times.

Another Important thing which our leaders should forever possess in their live, is knowing and understanding how they must be treating themselves ll the times, and respect other people in the same way they will always want to be respected in our communities, that's how the situation will and is supposed to be forever be at all material times

It's a very key issue for the leaders of the political organisations to understand that they are leading people before any other things and they carry the image of their organization at all material times. They must forever protect them all the times.

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