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Corrections officer in hot water after explicit video surface on social media.

A correction officer at the Ncome correctional facility is in serious trouble after a video of the officer engaging in what appears to be severely inappropriate behavior with an inmate. The video which is gaining traction on social media shows the officer initially in full uniform behaving in a manner that is unlikely to strike fear into the heart of potential criminals. It is so embarrassing to see a person working under the government doing something like that, at work.

The video is highly problematic with the officer behaving unacceptable .added to this given the power imbalance between prison officials and inmates.

According to the Department of correction services, the offending officer has been identified and the appropriate action will be taken against her addition to this, disciplinary action is also planned to be taken against the inmate appearing in the video. A heavily-edited, censored, shortened and identity-protecting clip of the incident has made its way online, however


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