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End of Putin And Big Lessons For Dictators

The sole thing that distinguishes democracy from other forms of administration is the emphasis placed on collective action by democratic institutions. Two good minds are preferable to one bad one. The chance of having an invincible imagination is the worst undoing that can befall a person. When they reach that level, they begin to promote some erroneous notions about the non-existence of God, which they later abandon. They do so in order to provide the groundwork for being venerated as deities. Autocrats and tyrants are notorious for engaging in this practice. Starting in the past, when they were mostly addressed as Kings, it has become more common. Nebuchadnezzar had reached such a high level of eminence that he ordered his subjects to carve his likeness into stone and forced men to worship him as a god. The punishment for those who disobeyed this order was either death by fire or imprisonment in the lion's lair. Remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were burned alive because they refused to acknowledge Nebuchadnezzar as their deity.

Satan's simplest method of luring men is to inflate their egos and convince them that they are not average. The fall of man occurred when he consumed the forbidden fruit, which Satan promised him would transform him into a godlike being. He soon lost his splendor and ended up in the dust of the earth. Nebuchadnezzar was transformed into a human monkey and allowed to roam free in the wilderness for seven years, coexisting with various creatures during that time. He returned from that event with the conviction that there is a God who is in control of human things. He was fortunate to have made it out alive. Some of his favorite people were slain while sitting on their thrones. Jezebel was a depraved Queen who murdered people solely for the purpose of amassing their wealth. While at her most evil, she was tossed out of a window and eaten by dogs, which brought her down to her death. Her name has been synonymous with wickedness and continues to be so to this day. It is now considered a proverb to be as evil as Jezebel. Hitler committed suicide after he was defeated in the war that was supposed to elevate him to the position of world ruler. Ditto for tyrants' dreams, and their generation is incapable of learning from the mistakes of the past.

If people have such contempt for God, their creator, you can only imagine how they feel about their fellow human beings. According to Hitler, Africa will be used as a testing area for his nuclear arsenals. In those early days, there was a champion by the name of Goliath. He was a colossal figure who was so skilled in the art of combat that he could take on an entire country on his own two feet. In order to win the war, he had to appear on the battlefield and demand that the opposing country send a man to fight beside him, with the understanding that whomever won would enslave the people of the enemy country. Even the King of Israel hid from him as he spoke from the top of the mountain, challenging Israel to raise a man who would confront him. That is, until a young musician and shepherd boy named David stepped on the scene and changed everything. He had come to offer food to his older brothers, who were engaged in the conflict at the time. Even his brothers were taking cover in the docks to avoid being attacked by this horrible, bloodthirsty demon known as Goliath. David was mortified by the way that this uncircumcised Philistine was bringing the army of God's people into disgrace by his presence. He volunteered to take on Goliath in battle. After seeing David, Goliath despised him and declared that the flesh of David would be fed to the birds of the air. In all honesty, they were a bad match for each other. One possessed the arrogance of power, whilst the other has the determination to win. In the first, the fighter sought to establish his superiority, whereas in the second, the fighter fought to protect and save his people from devastation and humiliation. He was willing to lay down his life in the name of his people and his country's honor and glory. There's always the God-factor to consider, whose primary concerns are truth and fairness in all of this. Finally, the giant was taken down, not by the intercontinental ballistic missiles that were available at the time, but by a stone launched from a shepherd's catapult, as the legend has it. The giant boasted about his ability to feed Goliath's flesh to the birds, but David killed him with a stone, treating him like a simple bird in comparison. All of the dictatorships mentioned above met with tragic results.

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As a modern-day reflection of the ancient Goliath, Putin is nothing more than an extension of that figure, and as a modern-day manifestation of the ancient David, Zelensky is nothing more than a reflection of that figure. Putin has been amassing his army around Ukraine for months, insulting the Ukrainian people and the Western world in the meantime. Putin lied when he said he had no plans to attack Ukraine. He was biding his time in the hopes of catching Ukraine off guard. His previous work experience includes espionage. It was his intention to ambush Ukraine and occupy it through the use of deception. After months of mocking Ukraine, Putin finally authorized an invasion of the country on the 24th of February, 2022, in a unilateral move.

In the interest of full disclosure, other from Putin's need to demonstrate his hubris by asserting his position as the most powerful person on the planet, there is no other explanation for his invasion of Ukraine. Putin has stated that he does not want Ukraine to become a member of NATO, which Ukraine currently is not. He stated that he does not want Ukraine to be a challenge to his rule and that his country is not threatened by Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine, which was one of the places where some nuclear power facilities of the former Soviet Union were located, decided to give up its nuclear weapons in order to demonstrate that it does not seek to pose a military threat to its neighbors. Ukraine has not launched an assault against any of its neighbors since the country's establishment. Putin, on the other hand, had previously launched an offensive on them through some Russian-speaking people of Ukraine, causing the country to be dismembered. Before Zelensky came to power, Russian President Vladimir Putin had seized control of Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk from Ukraine and annexed them, both directly and via the use of proxy forces. Ukrainians are well-known for being fun-loving, upbeat individuals. They chose a movie comedian as their President in order to bolster the point that they enjoy life and entertaining themselves. Without the desire to advance his own interests, Putin would have absolutely no reason to attack Ukraine. Any man who is willing to sacrifice his life in order to get wealth, power, and influence does not have a soul. "I look into your eyes and see that you do not have a soul," President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Whatever has a beginning must eventually come to an end. The Russian president, like the mythical Goliath, despised President Zelensky as a clown and stated that he would remove him from power through a military coup. Zelensky is insufficient to wage a full-scale war against Russia. After making up his decision to invade, he announced the invasion to be a military action. He aimed to overthrow Ukraine in a matter of days. This was supported by American intelligence, which anticipated that Kyiv would fall within four days if the situation continued. Russian President Vladimir Putin was relieved, believing that the war would be over within a week and that the sanctions, both threatened and imposed, would have taken their toll on his people. He also believed that Ukraine would be firmly in his hands as a bargaining tool against the Western countries. Typical of tyrants, he marshalled his soldiers in the hope that the sound of a bomb will cause Ukrainians to flee for their lives, as is their custom. He detonated bombs, ridiculed Zelensky, and established a government in Russia that will take over from Zelensky.

Unfortunately, the God-factor entered the picture. In the face of bombs and missiles, Zelensky was unafraid. He had stones stuffed into his pockets and promised that he would kill the intruders like birds. It has been one month since the beginning of the battle. Putin has failed to make any substantial strides forward. Ukrainian birds are now being fed the flesh of Putin's soldiers by the Russian leader. They are unable to battle because they lack food, fuel, and faith. These people are being slaughtered like chickens, and their bodies are being packed like sadine in shipping containers in preparation for being shipped back to Russia in body bags. They were informed by their Commander in Chief that they would not encounter resistance, but instead they encountered destruction. They are dejected and attempting to flee from the battlefield. Ukrainians are now on the offensive in their country. Russia is now beginning to prepare for a defensive posture. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the end for the man known as Putin. He has completed his course and will be brought to an unfortunate end in the near future.

First and foremost, Russia's economy would collapse within the next two months if nothing is done promptly to bring the war to a stop. Internal unemployment and economic misery will befall the Russian people as a result of the collapse of the Russian economy. Internal dissatisfaction and insurrection on a scale that Putin could never have anticipated will engulf Russia. He will attempt to quash the revolt with an iron fist, as he has done in the past, but the people will not be deterred, and the dictatorship will fall as a result. They will continue to exist because the level of economic misery will be such that it will represent an existential threat to the population of Russian Federation. The alternative is that they will starve to death if they support Putin, and they will be executed if they fight against Putin. However, they have a better chance of surviving if they can bring down the Putin administration, allowing for the emergence of a new leader who can reconcile Russia with the rest of the world, hence resulting in the removal of sanctions against the suffering country.

Putin will be haunted by the lifestyle of oligarchs in the near future. The natural state of oligarchs is that they are affluent, fun-loving folks who despise anything that would interfere with their way of life. Their willingness to hand over complete control of the government to you means that you must use the instruments of power to defend their massive economic empires and luxurious lifestyle. But you must use these instruments of power wisely. Putin has failed to deliver for the oligarchs. They are currently running helter-skelter over the world in order to mitigate the consequences of European and American sanctions against them. They will not turn a blind eye to Putin's attempts to demolish what they have worked so hard to achieve. The oligarchs will eventually tire of it and turn against Putin in retaliation. They have the resources and connections to bring him down, and they want to do so as quickly as possible. Putin's military is likely to revolt against him in the near future, bringing his dictatorship to a terrible and deadly conclusion. There is nothing more painful than witnessing his or her friends, family, or work acquaintances die in a horrible and undignified manner in front of them for no legitimate purpose. Soldiers in the front lines of a war quickly acquire psychological issues when they fail to accomplish their objectives. They quickly grow unreasonable, and they may turn their firearms on the man who sent them to their deaths without a justification.

According to the current state of affairs, if this battle continues for several months, Ukraine may even defeat Russia since the consequences of global sanctions against Russia will be severe, providing the Ukrainians a military advantage over Russia that might result in their victory. In the quite likely event that such a situation occurs, Putin may commit himself or end up in the Hague, where he will be tried as a war criminal. Neither outcome is desirable. At the end of this long, dark tunnel, there is no light for him to see. Putin aspires to be adored as a deity, but he will unavoidably be reduced to dust. He still has the opportunity to do a really honorable thing and put an end to this war now, allowing him to retrace his ways and spare himself and his country from this eternal shame. Is it possible for tyrants to learn from their mistakes and change their wicked ways? The only way to find out is to wait.


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