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Husband and wife relationship

Mashembe's husband is disgruntled by supporters

Bheki langa the husband of Mashembe is not happy with how people interfere with his family matters. Bheki Langa was seen on television show Mnakwethu in several weeks ago accompanied by Musa Mseleku to his first wife Mashembe with the intention of asking for secend wife.

Bheki langa speaking to the source said that everything is going smooth between him and his wife Mashembe although people are talking.

"While she was pregnant I decided to keep her busy with all these women who love people's stories. At the moment she is not even near me. I have allowed her to stay with her mother as she is in this situation.My plans have not changed. I have arranged for my wives to build houses for them, to live in the same yard so that I can spend enough time with both of them. Shelembe has not yet accepted my offer but I will not stop trying to reunite them with MaSithole," said Bheki Langa according to the source.

The second wife maSthole who angered supporters said he was disgluntled by hearing a lot of bad comments after the show, she addes that she did not mean to insult Shelembe by the name but it just came out of his speech.

"I make a living by selling chickens and eggs and I did not feed Langa. I did give him love portion. Actually we all live in Nquthu and I started meeting Langa here in the area," said MaSithole.

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