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Take a look at the reason the ANC Mayor collapse at the SOMA Address.

Connie Nkalintshana, the mayor of the African National Congress in eMalahleni, passed out while giving the State of the Municipality Address (SOMA). It is said that the mayor passed out after demonstrating that it was safe to drink the tap water in Witbank by consuming a glass of the city's tap water in front of invited guests. 

The mayor was seen being carried by comrades from the podium after she collapsed, but social critics suspect that something might have been put in her water which led to her collapsing. This is because the mayor collapsed after being carried from the podium. 

Some communities have infuriatingly poor water quality, to the point where inhabitants are unable to drink it; nonetheless, whenever citizens protest for cleaner water, the mayor invariably defends by claiming that residents are making it up. 

Some detractors assert that the mayor of eMalahleni was trying to make a point, but instead she found herself to be the subject of the experiment. People who are aware of the quality of the water that comes out of their taps have stated that these mayors need to quit lying to their constituents or treating them like idiots. 

"Even when I'm at home, I still buy bottled water since our tap water used to be so discolored that I couldn't clean my white sneakers with it. Therefore, she needs to quit telling lies, "There were a few debates.


Content created and supplied by: Anne Koch (via Opera News )

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