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Cyril Ramaphosa drops Unexpected Bombshell to the Country After This || See Why


Source: eyewitness news

It has now been two weeks since the African National Congress has been campaigning for the upcoming local government election to be held on the 1st of November 2021. This is because the opportunity that is given by the ruling party is for all opposition parties to be given enough freedom to campaign and to collect as many votes as they can in the order they can win the election.

It is no longer a secret that South Africans are now fed up with the fake promises they have been getting from the ruling party. This includes the lack of service delivery that is still a problem and it becomes more of a pandemic if the ruling doesn't do anything tangible about it.

Cyril Ranaphosa drops an Unexpected bombshell to the country after he saw that the people of South Africa have given up hope on the ANC. This is because the cry they have been signing ever since 2017 till now has not been solved. This is because they are crying for the ruling party to deliver service delivery as a matter of urgency and this has made them think of taking their votes elsewhere. Does this mark the end of the ANC as the ruling party or south Africans are playing hide and seek with their votes?

This can be said that the ruling party has to fight hard for the upcoming election to be on their side as people need a political party that is ready to cater to their needs. This includes the issue of service delivery that is needed as a matter of urgency and other political parties are singing this motion to south Africans that if they vote for them, they will ensure that service delivery is done without any problems.

What is your intake on this and why?

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