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People they do struggle to connect with their ancestors.

Thokozani/Lesedi/Camagu bana ba badimo👏...the ancestors have spoken!

My guides have shown me that most of you are still struggling with connecting with your ancestors.they have shown me different factors.

Some of you are struggling because you dnt phahla the correct way,some of you its bcoz you ought to have imisamo but you dnt have it,some of you its bcoz of the yards you are staying in,they are unclean,while some some of you its a matter ya go ikilela/ukuzila.

Those who are still struggling,this is what they showed me you need to do.

Get a white,yellow,blue,green and orange candles,snuiff,impepho and an enamel cup of water.go to the veld and get an anthill(isduli/seolo).when you get there,you first light your candles and you pray.prayer goes hand in hand nokuphahla.when you are done praying,pour snuiff around your candles and on the anthill.DO NOT light impepho as introduce yourself while doing this.then you start to phahla.

if you do not feel any connection between you and your guides,then light your impepho,call upon your guides and phahla again.this is to try and establish why you cannot connect with your underground gang.

Makhosi,Mandau,Dikganyapa di buwile...

Thokozani bantwana bedlozi👏👏👏

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