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South Africa is the home for corruption

Corruption in South Africa: The politics, the law and all the shenanigans.

Opinion article by professorJohn C Mubangizi, Dean: Faculty of law, University of the Free States.

South Africansare sick and tired of corruption. They are angry, frustrated and desponde. And they have every reason to be. South Africa has many problems: crime, unemployment, poverty, gender-based violence, inequality, low economic growth and now-in common with many other countries-covid-19. The list goes on and on. What makes corruption the biggest threat among all these is that it cuts across all of them and their gravity in different ways.

The South African constitution envisages a society based on democratic values, society justice and fundamental human rights . The way things are going, that society is never likely to happen. That is because corruption has been, and continuesto be,the greatest threat to any possibility of realising that constitutional dream. In South Africa, like everywhere else where corruption is rampant, it occurs both in the public and private sectors, where it affects democracy and human rights by deteriorating institutions and diminishingpublic trust in government.

It impairs the ability of government to fulfil its obligations and ensure accountability in the delivery of economic and social services like Healthcare, education, clean water, housing, and social security. This is because corruption diverts funds into private-which impedes delivery of services-thereby perpetuating poverty, inequality , injustice and unfairness. The problem is aggravated when government is the main culprit.

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