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OPINION| Zambia is Blessed to Have Hakainde as a President

What is there not to like about the new Zambian President? He sings the Tonga version of (Hatina Musha Panyika) today at the Sligo Church in Takoma Park in Maryland. President Hakainde Hichilema is a devout Christian in the SDA church ~ H Chin'ono

That is what happens when you know what life is all about? This man, Hakainde Hichilema is a shrewd politician and a good role model in many areas from politics, religion, business, family, empathy, love, humility et al. He is many things in one, he is a tried and tested man through the crucibles of life and has come out like gold put through the blast furnace for the pot is for iron and silver but the the blast furnace purifies gold and other precious metalsZambia is blessed, God used the youths to turn around the future of Zambia. I am praying for the youths in Zimbabwe to smell the coffee and wake up, they're the game changers this time around. May good God richly bless Zambians for the historical decision that was not done by the citizens, but by the spirit of God and I believe one dayThis is possible in Zimbabwe to have such a God fearing leader let us encourage the youth to go and vote the coming elections will be decided by the youth. Let's encourage the youth to go and vote, the coming elections are to be won on social media not on rallies, but let us also compliment the work our brother, Hopewell Chion'o is doing. He is not a politician but a Moses sent by God to free people from the current Pharaoh. Lets unfollow all comedians and bad pastors associated with the current regimeI think he is singing for his neighbour president, who thinks they will live forever and who has a government far much 'better' than the government of heaven. Those who go to some suspicious churches where they think they will be given power or magic so they can rule forever

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