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Cyril To Spill Beans On ANC's Abuse Of State Funds As 10 Day Deadline Nears?


President Cyril Ramaphosa whose leaked audio while addressing members of the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) about how he will rather "fall on his own sword" than let the public know how their funds were used to fuel ANC campaigns and activities, will now have a tough decision to make in the next 10 days.

This comes after the Standing Committee in Public Accounts (SCOPA) sent written questions to president Cyril Ramaphosa demanding that he answers what he know about the abuse of state funds by the ANC. The deadline for Cyril Ramaphosa to provide answers is the 10th of February.

Critics are eagerly waiting to see what will president Cyril Ramaphosa do in the next 10 days. Some argue that it's either he is going to remain mum and take the fall or he sing out loudly about ANC's abuse of public funds and let the party be under scrutiny.

Either way this is not going to be a walk in the park for the president as Scopa demands to know who was authorizing the use of these public funds for ANC campaigns and activities. This means that even Cyril Ramaphosa's comrades won't be off the hook in this case easily.

ANC veteran and a staunch supporter of former president Jacob Zuma, Carl Niehaus argued that president Cyril Ramaphosa should just read out his answers to his fellow South Africans and that nobody is interested in his new dawn mantra.

Carl Niehaus described Ramaphosa's new dawn as a period full of empty promises citing that the president has a "dark cloud over his head".

"#SCOPA sent questions to President Cyril Ramaphosa concerning him knowing about misused state funds. The deadline is 10th of February. Of the SONA, he should simply read out his answers to us. We don’t want to listen to ‘New Dawn’ empty promises from a man with a dark cloud over his head," said Carl Niehaus.


The nation now waits to see what is it going to be; will Cyril Ramaphosa spill beans about ANC's abuse of state funds or he would rather "fall on his own sword" than let the public know how their funds were used to fund political activities of the ruling party.

Mervyn Dirks, the ANC comrade who blew the whistle about Ramaphosa's utterances believes that no one is above the law including the president.

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