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Finger pointing over the origins of the Covid-19 virus continues, China forced to pay the price

China has rejected calls for an independent international investigation into the origins of the Corona virus. The deadly Corona virus is thought to have emerged from a wild market in the city of Wuhan in China. The Virus has killed over 200 000 people, infecting over 3 million worldwide. There has been a call for international investigators to be allowed to go to China and to find out how it all started.

The United States President Donald Trump has led those criticizing China’s handling of the outbreak. President Trump recently accused the World Health Organization of being China centric and has threatened to cut off funding to the organization. The US is not alone in its criticism of China, Germany has sent out a bill suing for billions of Euros to China. The State of Missouri in America is also suing China accusing it of doing little to stop the spread of the virus.

Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison has also joined the fight mentioning that he will push for an investigation at the annual meeting next month of the World Health Organization, the decision making body of the organization. Australia sits in the executive board of the assembly. China might find itself in trouble.

China hits back

China called on the United States to worry more about its battle against the corona virus, while blaming American politicians for shifting the blame of the virus to China. “Recently there have been too many voices in the US that has raised concerns about the government’s handling of the virus, wondering if the US handled the virus in a timely and effective manner”. China’s foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said. Shuang posed the following questions to the US: When did the first case occur in the US? Is the US government hiding something? Why is it so desperately seeking to pin blame on others? American people and the international community need answers?  Geng warned the US mentioning that any effort to pin responsibility on his country will fail. The spokesperson insisted that both the US and China are both victims of the disease.

World leaders have decided not to focus too much on the battle of the origins of the virus but have since pledged to work together in solidarity to find a vaccine for the Corona virus pandemic and make it available throughout the world.

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