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As Nhlanhla Lux meets with Home Affairs and SAPS, he declares war on undocumented migrants.

There are bad people in South Africa who do horrible things, and the people there are worried about them. Foreigners have brought high-caliber guns into South Africa to protect themselves from anyone who might want to take them away.

Because they're here to stay, and they're so adamant about it that it scares away many locals, who think they're running away from their war-torn, but stable and economically devastated, countries.

Running into South Africa, but when they get there, they think that South Africa is also their country and that they can do whatever they want. Because they have been breaking the law for a long time and getting away with it, they think they will always be able to do so.

Many South Africans work hard to make sure that the country's constitution and laws are followed, but it looks like there are also people who try to stop these efforts.

Many people now say that the people who left their home countries because they couldn't fight are the same ones who attack the people of their new countries while living there illegally and doing illegal things.

People like these have caused a big problem and made many people angry in different ways. This is the sad part of the whole situation.


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