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Since The ANC Steals Everything, Mzansi Reacts To This

Image has caused a stir on social media especially after a former DA leader Helen Zille stated out that she would like to know the back story to the members of the African National Congress having an umbrella of the Democratic Alliance, she has implied or insinuated that since the African National Congress is struggling to pay its staff members salaries they can’t even afford their own umbrellas.

That is why they managed to steal an umbrella of the democratic alliance and used it for there are functions, so this is something that has made a lot of people laugh on social media especially laughing at the ANC for their decision.

This is something that has caused a huge stir on social media and this has made a lot of people wonder why the people of this country have to go through such things, it is unclear at the moment why the African National Congress members were seen sitting under an umbrella of the Democratic Alliance.

The African National Congress has been known to be haunted by problems deviating from their finances or their members ordering assassinations on each other, in order to benefit from irregular tender contracts or to be in the positions of power.

This is something that has been going on for a very long time in the party divisions that we are seeing today, because the people who are in the positions are not even qualified to be there they’ve used their muscle and influence in order to get to those positions.

The ANC is a party which has a lot of problems and what is happening right now is something that is not surprising to ordinary members of the public, and the fact that they are still begging for votes from the public is very concerning because they still want to continue their criminality and mismanagement of funds.

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