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Why Ramaphosa May Bring Back a Hard Lockdown On MZANSI. - OPINION.

South Africa has been on Level 1 Lockdown for a few months, free of any hard limitations imposed on them in the country, but there is still concern about the situation.

Many people have been debating the issue of the lockdown and whether or not a hard lockdown would be reinstated shortly.

South Africans are concerned that they will be restricted throughout the month of December.

The country's president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has the authority to impose a higher level of lockdown on citizens, and there are several plausible grounds for this.

Here are three reasons why the President should reinstate the Hard Lockdown.

1.The election is over.

The fact that the elections are done and the country is returning to normal day-to-day routines under the lockdown regulations is one reason why the president can impose a much tougher lockdown.

Because of the elections and the fact that political parties had to campaign and try to get people to vote for them, many people believed the president had lifted restrictions.

2.Alcohol prohibition.

This comes as no surprise, given the Cabinet has previously indicated its distaste for alcohol use in South Africa, particularly during Covid-19, as it encourages the virus to spread even faster.

People have objected to this even being on the cards because they want to enjoy the holidays with alcohol.

3.Road Accidents with Minor Injuries.

It's no secret that there are a lot of cars on the roads during the holiday season, which can generate pandemonium as numerous accidents occur.

Accidents seem to increase around the holiday season because some people are not as cautious as they should be, and when alcohol is involved, it leads to toxic, destructive behavior.

These are some of the considerations the President and the National Corona Command Council (NCCC) should make while deciding whether to impose yet another harsh lockdown on South Africa.

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