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When I Visit A Foreign Country I Do As Told. Why Is It So Different In SA? - SA Man Asks.

When I Visit A Foreign Country I Do As Told. Why Is It So Different In SA? - Man Asks. 

The immigration crisis of Soigh Africa is one that cannot be missed. South Africans have formed movements such as Operation Dudula to get to them bottom of the crisis however many immigrants remain in the country and refuse to go home. 

One person by name of Bret Raphael took to social media to ask why is it that foreign nationals in South Africa act differently. He said " When I visit a foreign country, I STFU, do as told, respect all their rules and regs and leave as per my visa conditions.. Why is it so different in SA with foreign nationals who simply abuse our systems and cry xenophobia when caught out..?". 

Perhaps foreign nationals act the way that they do because they believe that no African can be a foreign national in Africa. Yet, that still sounds the same as saying no American can be a foreigner in America, which is wrong because foreign nationals need to respect the laws of a foreign country. 

People commented and said " They go even further, they comment on our culture and norms, make suggestions on who does and doesn't belong here, make demands on our public servants, demands free services, take our gov to court. The disrespect is just insane"

"Because… they entered illegally.. got papers to stay illegally…they voted for their benefactors also illegally… and now their benefactors want them out…". 

Things have gotten out of hand and the government needs to do something instead of watching the country fall deep into the crisis.

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