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Ukraine LIVE: 'Cleaned city' Zelensky purges 400 traitors as Putin collaborators exposed

400 accused Russian collaborators have been seized by UKRAINIAN officials as part of a huge operation to remove Putin's supporters from their ranks.

To reveal the assets of oligarchs and incite a revolution inside the Kremlin, a daring Ukrainian programmer built a decentralized cyber army.

A new smartphone app called Signal My Oligarch, co-founded by Ukrainian programmer Vladyslav Huntyk, enables individuals everywhere to designate assets they believe to be associated with oligarchs subject to Western sanctions.

Bank accounts, real estate, yachts, airplanes, and other things are examples of assets.

Users just launch the app, snap a photo of the object, geotag it, and then send the information to the appropriate authorities in an anonymous manner.

The more pressure we can put on [the oligarchs'] shoulders, the more pressure they will put on Putin's shoulders, Mr. Huntyk told

"The most practical method is to question individuals who are aware of [these assets] since you can't tell by looking at some real estate that it belongs to an oligarch.

But those who are, say, their neighbors may be aware of this knowledge and be aware that this is the oligarch's daughter's property.

"Or possibly a bank staffer who is aware that an oligarch is the owner of a certain bank account.

"Or a crew for a boat; they would be aware that the boat is theirs.

Therefore, we are attempting to target a certain demographic that would possess this kind of information.


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