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'Chilonga people are being removed because there are diamonds discovered' - OPINION

Zanu PF and its looting Committee are trying to justify their seizure of communal lands and arbitrary eviction of the Chilonga people by saying that the community stands to benefit from this injustice. What benefits comes from dispossessing 12500 families of their land and way of life in favour of propping up one for profit corporation?

Remember when they were seizing land and evicting people in Chisumbanje villages to make room for Billy Rautenbach's green fuels, they the villagers will benefit from the project and fuel was going to be cheaper for the country, they did the same in Chiadzwa when diamonds where discovered, now they are doing the same in Chilonga, same perpetrators same trend, people are losing their land and source of income, and their business cronies are benefitting

Dendairy is a for profit corporation, which can afford buying vast tracts of land anywhere and grow their lucerne grass anywhere far from Chilonga, why are they being given peasants land for free, why does Zanu PF shamelessly give donations to the wealth while depriving the needy? If you want to see the brazen face of corruption and government capture, this is it, people continue to carry the cross at the hands of this ruthless political cult, no one is immune

One can only ask, why is the growth and cultivation of cow fodder being prioritised over the livelihoods of 12500 families? Can they not grow lucerne anywhere else outside of Chilonga? Or Lucerne is just a smokescreen, is it about the diamonds discovered in Chiredzi?

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