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EFF RDP houses turn into a joke after this was noticed | OPINION.

The type of government (RDP) houses apparently built by the EFF are a literal scam. And, no one needs to agree or disagree with this as it is a constitutional given right to hold stance. An EFF supporter revealed this house after a heated debate erupted amongst South Africans about the political party that deserves to be in power. This was his justification, the political party would build these type of houses when they get in power.

Furthermore, he stated that the Economic Freedom Fighters have the ability to help Mzansi and her people to regain their dignity.

Well, people believing this particular image are absolutely gullible. To analyse the characteristics or features that this house has: a pavement, aluminum large glasses, approximately more than five rooms, a garage with a wooden door and zinc roofing.

It may be true that they built the house, probably to help an elderly person or family in need at a specific time. However, this does not mean that these are the types of houses that people will get. The country may be definitely rich in resources, but building such infrastructure might exhaust the economic state even more.

It is of paramount importance to know that South Africa is still a country in development. A clear indication that it's resources need to be guided to enable a new level of development in comparison to other states.

One commentor under this post even commented about how the government should buy everyone cars on top of these houses, because clearly the finances are present to sustain and support people.

To conclude, people should not be fooled by recent claims that are made by any political party. Remember that the elections are near and they are needy, they want to be in power through your votes.


Pictures ( @ Sizisto12 and @ Thabo05852519 on twitter).

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