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Was Mbalula Right About Foreigners All Along? See What Soweto People Did

Date: 25/10/21



Just a couple of days ago, the minister of roads and transport told South Africans in Eastern Cape that the reason why there is a big problem of foreigners in the country was because there are no laws in place. He explain how many foreigners are employed in South African businesses and are actually preferred than South Africans, hence they keep on calling their brothers and sisters telling them that there are job opportunities. The people of Soweto where fighting for the very thing Fikile Mbalula had mentioned.


It was reported that the people of Soweto were striking outside KFC franchises complaining that the franchise was hiring a majority of foreigners. This is exactly what Fikile was talking about. South African businesses seem to prefer hiring foreigners more than they prefer South Africans. This is the main reason why the country has about 15 million foreign nationals right now.

There is no country in Africa with such a high majority of foreign nationals. They can only be a serious reason for this. South Africa seems to be the land of opportunity for foreign nationals. Most shops are run by foreign nationals, most businesses higher them, so they only come to the country for a better life.


It is quite ironic that a member of the African national Congress is complaining about the rules being made to prevent foreign nationals from getting certain jobs and starting certain businesses. As a member of the party, Mbalula was supposed to be the one forcing the mandate to create such rules in order to prevent further chaos in the country.

It seems the African national congress is comfortable with the issue of foreign nationals in the country that for so many years, no laws have been made to prevent a majority of businesses from hiring predominantly foreign nationals. If this Soweto KFC is hiring mostly foreigners how many other KFC's in South Africa are doing the same thing and how many other businesses are also doing the same thing?

What is your take on the matter?

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