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7 Hilarious President addresses the nation memes that will make you remember lockdown lifestyle.

If you remember, it wasn't so long ago that we waited anxiously for the president to address the nation. It was the highlight of our weeks and when we would learn the rules we had to follow for the coming days. However now that we have moved down to the lower levels of lockdown, many people don't really pay attention to his addresses. That's why I scoured the internet to find you seven hilarious memes that will make you remember the lockdown lifestyle. Tell me what you think of them in the comments section.

In the early days of the pandemic, everytime people would get angry that the lockdown was ending, he woul play the reverse card on us. Adding more days to the lockdown and extending our time living in the lockdown lifestyle, as if it was some sort of uno game.

You have to really pay attention to what the president says, because you never know what he may be talking about. He has the habit to explain something fully, before you know what his talking about. I guess that's because his the president and people have to understand him.

Even though it was less than two years, it feels like we were in the lockdown lifestyle for ages, I know many people are relieved that the level has dropped.

Another thing that resulted from the president addressing the nation, was people addressing the president. While we don't know if he ever read these, it's funny to think that people were bringing there lifestyle problems directly to him.

Here we have a man who is not ready to get married but is too afraid to tell his partner. So he has come to the president for help. A bold move but I doubt it will work.

Above and below we have two men shooting their shot, I do hope it worked out for them.

I hope you enjoyed these memes, they were all used for humor purposes and their not meant to offend anyone. What do you think of them, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle tips daily.

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