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Ballot Boxes Full of Votes Found Thrown Away in The Bushes:Was this Really A Fair Election/Opinion


Elections are still ongoing and votes are still being counted .From the results the ANC is still leading , the second being the DA and but however its still not over until the last vote has been counted and anything cam still happen .But it seems like this wont be a free and fair election like they said .

Rigging has been happening in some places where boxes full of votes are appearing out of nowhere .Some boxes of votes have been found throw away .see below.

These are people's votes that have been thrown away.Where were the election observers when all of this was happening. The votes in these ballot boxes could have increased the votes of another party and change the results but they ended up in the bushes somewhere .

Clearly the Electoral commission is not as independent as they say it is otherwise they wouldnt let something like this happen .

Also its suspected that this year's election were rigged .The number of votes and support the ANC received was suspicious. Who in their right mind still votes for a party that has caused people to suffer for 27 years with no any form of improvement.

If truly nothing was rigged and its people who voted for them then clearly South Africans love suffering .They enjoy not having water and loadshedding and not having jobs .If they didnt they would have voted the ANC out this year .

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