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Gardee Murder: Accused Relatives Claim Extortion

It seems like this case of killing Hillary Gardee, the daughter of the former secretary general of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Godrich Gardee, would take a few tries before being confronted because it seems like it will need further investigation.

There is fresh information that the three captured suspects are providing to the authorities through their delegates, and it cannot be ignored without first being put through some kind of investigation.

A relative of Philemon Lukhele, who is now 47 years old and who the public of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, blamed along with two other individuals for the murder of Hillary Gardee, has guaranteed that police tormented Lukhele so that he would involve a senior Economic Freedom Fighters member in the heinous killing. The public of Eswatini previously known as Swaziland blamed along with two other individuals for the murder.

At this time, the issue is assuming that it is actually the case that the senior part of the Economic Freedom Fighters is actually involved, or the facts really confirm that the police are simply compelling Lukhele to involve the person in question. Either way, the issue is currently assuming that this is the case.

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