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Errol says, Cyril is the head of ANC govt, to remove Cyril is to remove ANC see what SA says

People come on Twitter and say, remove Cyril. They forget Cyril heads an ANC govt which won elections in broad daylight. So if you want to remove the president of the ANC, remove the ANC. No, not really! Mbeki and Zuma were removed without removing the ANC. 

They are executing their plan very well of campaigning the ANC. We know that's been the plan all along. But if ANC doesn't remove Ramaphosa. We will have no choice but to park ANC a bit. The ball is in ANC's, and they have done it before. Their plan is after CR.there must never b any SA president from ANC because CR was their last trusted Skivvy left in the ANC, they've exhausted their trusted skivvies, and they want to detonate ANC post CR.the ball is in ANC's court to impeach this fart. Else individuals will deal with them, One of the ways ANC could cleanse itself from these captives is to suspend everyone who has share in WMC companies membership while they are still in boards. You will realize how many of them are going to lose their share backs this share are based on influencing the ANC, That cleansing Path won’t be will be met with violent resistance from the skivvies.but conflict of interest must be the priority when implementing the suspension of membership of those with share in WMC.

And the conference must adopt this as a resolution. Zuma was removed without removing ANC. Mbeki as well. Stomach politics dictates. You will see Cyril will be removed after his second term lapsed, Other former Presidents were removed & the ANC is still here. It's not like Cyril is the heart or brains of the ANC. He can go & it can stay. ANC is father to him, not the other way around. Remove Cyril so that what should happen exactly, Cyril does not control the force of circumstances, it's unfortunate that it interrupted the goodwill in his term, 


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