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Joe Biden Is Too Old To Be President After He Was Caught Doing This In An Important Meeting


As Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley made a crucial statement on her country's role in combating climate change, US President Barack Obama seemed inattentive and exhausted. Joe Biden was caught on camera shutting his eyes for significant amounts of time at earlier talks. Mr. Biden, on the other hand, did not appear to be overly involved in the speech. During the speech, he can be seen staring down at the floor and shutting his eyes.

Joe Biden

However, when it is evident that the President is not paying attention as attentively as he should, the camera immediately pans away from him. Onlookers were not fooled by the President's seeming disinterest. For a few seconds, the US president closed his eyes. The speaker then remarked that participants at the conference have the "ability to make decisions and achieve agreements that will touch the lives of generations to come," and he appeared to nod asleep for around 20 seconds. Until a stranger approached him and whispered something into his ear, Biden, 78, had his eyes closed. The president listened with his eyes open until the man walked away, then cheered for the speaker's words. By rubbing the region behind his eyes, Biden continued to display indications of exhaustion.

Joe Biden

Shortly after, Biden addressed foreign leaders, saying that the US will lead by example rather than words in the battle against climate change. 'If we don't stop now, none of us will be spared the worst of what's to come,' Biden added. 'We are at a critical juncture in world history.' The summit was the 26th such gathering of world leaders in an effort to prevent global warming. Nearly 200 countries took part in what was seen as the last chance to address the problem.

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