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Is Something Wrong With ANC Supporters? See What They Reaveald About The ANC

Date: 25/10/21



Since it's the time for the local elections, the people who support political parties were put together and asked what they thought about their political party and the leaders leading to the elections. This of course included the supporters of the African national Congress who had to do a survey on whether or not they still trusted the party.

Many of the party supporters said that the party is very corrupt but there is no other party that they can trust South Africa other than the ANC. What they really meant was that they have no other option to vote for, especially when it comes to a party that they trust will be for them except for the African national Congress, even though they know that it is corrupt and its leaders are looting money from the public.


This whole statement has indeed polarized people were as they don't understand exactly why supporters will trust a party that is corrupt. The whole idea of trust is about someone not going against their promises and doing whatever benefits them and forgetting about you.

What ANC actually did by being corrupt is stating that its members do not matter only them and their are fat pockets matter and they've been taking from the people's hard earned cash and feeding themselves. South Africans need to be more aware of the fact that any party that is corrupt will never tend to your needs.

More smarter decisions need to be made especially in this upcoming voting polls as change is definitely needed in South Africa. It has been said before by the very same survey that the ANC is more corrupt than ever at the current moment.

What is your take on the matter? Do you also only trust the ANC with your vote in this upcoming elections or are you willing to try other parties?

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