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Something 'suspicious' was spotted as Zuma addressed the media and now Mzansi wants DNA tests done

For the first time since his arrest, former President, Jacob Zuma made his public appearance. Zuma was at the Pietermaritzburg police station, where he was laying criminal charges against NPA senior prosecutor, Advocate Billy Downer SC. The opening of the case now opens Downer to being probed by the police for allegedly leaking Zuma’s medical record to the media.

After laying charges, Zuma addressed the media. He told journalists that he indeed opened a case against Downer. Unfortunately Zuma couldn't stay longer for the media briefing, saying he had to leave because he's a prisoner. He told journalists that his spokesperson, Mzwanele Manyi, was the one who was going to give them a full statement about the case he had opened. In a video clip where Zuma said all these things, there was Manyi standing with the Former President. As usual, some Mzansi citizens had something interesting say about Zuma. According to some observant people, there is something suspicious about Manyi and Zuma. People have spotted a striking resemblance between the two and now they want DNA tests conducted to see if Zuma is not actually Manyi's father, or something. "Mzwanele looks like exactly like Zuma...DNA should be done," a Twitter user said.

Now that someone has mentioned it, the two actually have some resemblance of some sort. Maybe that's why Manyi can do anything to fight for Zuma. There could be some unknown connection. Don't you think so?

Other observations from the public were centered around Zuma's health. Some say he looks too strong for a sick man who was granted medical parole. "This a man who was very sick to stay in jail. Now he is going up and down with our tax monies, addressing people. Come next week, he will be sick to go to court. But when he was in prison his lawyers said it was unfair for court proceedings to resume in his absence," a Twitter user said.

In my opinion, it is questionable that a sick man who claims that he is not fit to stand trial traveled from Nkandla to Pietermaritzburg and back to Nkandla. That is six hours on the road for heaven's sake! Is Zuma playing some games?


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