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Putin's puppet taunts Biden as Russia 'studying' top secret US nuclear plans 'for a while'

Evgeny Popov, a follower of PUTIN, made fun of Joe Biden while implying that any top-secret US nuclear weapons plan found with Donald Trump had been studied in Russia "for a long."

The Russian analyst argued that any information on new weapons is already known in Russia and mocked the FBI's quest for sensitive documents at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property. Earlier this week, the former president received a warrant that was ultimately revealed to have been issued in accordance with the Espionage Act. When Joe Biden seemed to imply that Vladimir Putin has had access to top-secret information about recent military advancements "for a time," Evgeny Popov made fun of him.

The host of Rossiya-1 stated: "It appears that the inquiry into Trump is connected to the loss of classified records from the White House that were relevant to the US's development of new nuclear weapons.

"Neither the FBI nor the details of the firearms found on Trump's property are being disclosed.

They have undoubtedly been researching the documents in Moscow for some time if there were any significant ones.

What's the use of looking?

According to records that were unsealed in a Florida federal court on Friday, FBI officers searched Mar-a-Lago and took 11 sets of classified documents, including several that were designated top secret.

After Trump declared he had no objections to their publication, the warrant and list of things confiscated were made available to the public.

On his Truth Social platform, Mr. Trump said that the "The debate over nuclear weapons is untrue.

He described the "raid" as unacceptable political retaliation and stated that he was working with the police.

In addition, the former president made the unsupported claim that the FBI may have planted evidence against him.

As he described how near the US had been to going to war with North Korea, Mr. Trump had previously made the allegation in public.

He declared, "I have created a nuclear weapons system that has never existed in this nation. You haven't seen or heard of anything we have.

"We have information that Putin and Xi have never seen or heard of. Nobody exists; what we have is extraordinary.

The warrant authorized the seizure of documents bearing proof of three laws—code numbers 793, 2071, and 1519—that had been broken.

Although several of the papers on the list of things that agents collected from Mar-a-Lago were marked as secret, these three statutes include misuse of federal government records regardless of whether the records are marked as such.

Without specifying whether the data are classified or not, statute number 793 forbids unlawful possession of material related to national security. It carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

That statute predates the legislative categorization scheme and was first passed under the 1917 Espionage Act.

In 2018, Mr. Trump approved legislation increasing the maximum jail penalty for anybody found guilty of handling secret material from one to five years.

Given that the President has extensive declassification authority, it is possible that Trump did so before bringing the materials to Mar-a-Lago.

But when he addressed his fans on his social media platform, Mr. Trump asserted that "it was all declassified."


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