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SAD| South Africans lost respect for Nhlanhla Lux after he said this about Steve Biko

Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini is the person in charge of the anti-foreigner campaign known as Operation Dudula in the province of Gauteng. Since the beginning of the year 2022, Lux has been making news as a result of the increased seriousness with which he is pursuing his movement of deporting aliens to the country in which they were born.

But then things took a strange turn when he ran into Malema, and he also led a raid to an elderly man's residence who was thought to be an alleged kingpin. Things went quite strange after that. The elderly gentleman took out for the hills and even went to the press to discuss this matter. Despite this, the EFF filed a complaint against Lux using the elderly guy as a witness.

Following his conversation on Kaya FM with Sizwe Dhlomo four days ago, Lux was taken into custody. However, he was only incarcerated for a short period of time since he was released from jail the day before yesterday. This news did not appear to thrill the EFF, and they took to Twitter to humiliate him once more.

According to Lux, who we all know didn't put up much of a fight while the police were arresting him, he didn't mind being arrested because he knew they were going to awaken his ancient spirits by locking him up at the John Voter police station, which is also where people like Steve Biko were detained. As we all know, Lux didn't put up much of a fight while the police were arresting him.

Now, according to the EFF, Lux lied to his followers when he said that he was detained at the same prison cell as Steve Biko. This is because Steve was never detained; rather, he was just locked up in a room where they tortured him until he died. Lux's statement that he was held in the same prison cell as Steve Biko was a lie, according to the EFF. As a result, we may deduce that Lux is ignorant of black history since he spent a significant amount of time playing with white children.

"Nhlanhla Lux claimed that he was held in the same cell that Steve Biko was imprisoned in while he was being held in JHB Central; however, Steve Biko was never held in a cell at John Vorster Square. According to a member of the EFF, "my experience with Lux has left me with the feeling that he is a member of a generation that understands very little about the (struggle) past."

As soon as it became clear that Lux had exaggerated the circumstances surrounding Steve Biko's arrest, a large number of individuals confronted him and his supporters, claiming that they are blindly following a headless chicken who is completely ignorant of politics. On the other hand, many people were so embarrassed of him that they said they would no longer follow him since he is a white kid traveling beneath a black skin, which is the reason why he knows about the history of black people. This is the reason why he is knowledgeable about black history.

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