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South Africa - Duduzane Zuma will succeed Cyril Ramaphosa as South Africa's next president one day?

Nobody quite knows just how long Cyril Ramaphosa will last in South Africa's presidential hot set but many would wish not long enough for various reasons

The current South African president may be a businessman of extremely high repute as he is in every best sense of the word

But then to lead a country like South Africa & it's people has to be one of the most complex and complicated of tasks to do as the South African general public are demanding to the extreme

The leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa has been very much questioned on a number of occasions particularly by one of the most outspoken politicians in the country Julias Malema

The current EFF - Economic Freedom Fighters leader is not only outspoken but is also controversial justified by his many parliamentary outbursts particularly towards former South African President Jacob Zuma

To make matters interesting Julias Malema in some way sees himself as a future South African president but he also lacks a certain touch of class and charm to be able to represent South Africa on a global scale

In some sense one would actually see the role or the position of being South African president as somewhat of a poison chalice from the outside looking in with the amount of fraud and corruption that has plagued South Africa over the years

But if you had to ask Jacob Zuma personally would he take the chance of being South African president once again he'd blink faster than you can say 'Hey'

Interestingly enough Jacob Zuma's legacy in South African politics seems to have been prolonged by the surfacing of his dearly beloved son Duduzane Zuma

For his part Duduzane Zuma himself has already been embroiled in a flurry of controversy over the years much like his farther before he was officially named

South African farther like son as they say

But in terms of intelligence, skillfull manipulation, timing, arrogance, ambition, being a man of his own Duduzane Zuma is surely rising up the ranks and is in his own right becoming an extremely powerful politician

Coicidently via various reports Duduzane Zuma is already vying for the much acclaimed ANC presidential hot seat having already gathered support from some ANC branches in KwaZulu-Natal to contest party leadership at the next national conference

And in his own words 'bringing something different' to the table

Like Cyril Ramaphosa, Duduzane Zuma is an established businessman with the bonus also being that as a consequence of his father's undying support from the people the platform is already there for him to one day become the president of South Africa 

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