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OPINION| Dudula should not be rejected only in Cape Town but it must be banned in the whole country

Are you still in Africa, the usual question I get from my fellow South Africans it is a very loaded statement, it says to you the person who is asking the question is not in Africa this is how many black South Africans think they were conditioned by apartheid media to belief that South Africa is some enclave or Ireland of Europe, with different life experiences. The many years of apartheid the media ran stories about foreigners whom they made black South Africans to belief are dangerous and never to be trusted, in fact we were conditioned to think that all foreigners were terrorist the apartheid government made sure that when you hear about the word terrorist, you run for your life and report to the police

This was to make sure no armed guerrillas of our movement are protected and made to hide within communities, as there was no alternative to radio and TV which were state controlled it meant believing all the propaganda today here I am being asked after 28 years of our freedom if I amin Africa, the people who still harbour apartheid propaganda where not even born when we voted in 1994. Many of those who today are less than 46 years did not even vote as they were young, but today they still think like those who were listening to apartheid radio

The reason Africa may not develop so fast is because all over Africa we still have coloniser watchboys who will make sure the rules of coloniser are enforced. Mr Apartheid and Mr Coloniser may not be in charge of governments but their lieutenants are enforcing their rules all over the continent 5hey use religion, language, tribe, colour, and economic background to discriminate they all think is from themselves when they are just agents of their masters. Until us as South Africans we acknowledge our problems and why we are accused of xenophobia we may not understand. Surely we must not allow anyone to come in SA and stay illegally or do crime, the issue is whether when we interact with our fellow Africans do we believe we are one people ?

I was insulted by one obvious moron from my area calling me lekwerekwere (derogatory name for african foreigners) simply because I showed him how as baroka tribe we are mostly same people, we have young people still asking that question. In AFRICA there is future which many black South Africans would have benefited if they first realised they are Africans, today white South Africans are all in Africa doing good business with no BEE

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