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The man who fueled that Zimbabwean permits must not be renewed is Hopewell Chin'ono

It's really weird that there are still people being arrogant and bragging about living in SA illegally, that is the main reason why there's animosity between SAns and Zimbabweans. You can't be in someone's country and be the starring of trouble, ruining it for law abiding visitors. Bragging about nonsense like education and hardworking whilst you are exploited by those bosses. How many people can show a proper skill like web developing or engineering? A very small number but you still have the energy to be disrespectful. The apartheid government in south africa started exploiting Zim nationals decades ago, after realizing that the locals had nothing much to offer to the South african economy. So south Africa cant keep foreigners in their country, does it mean everyone must have a degree to have permit or their bosses must apply permit for them

Hopewell is the cause people applauded him for nothing and he messed up everything, I hope you be found and treated the way you deserve

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