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Elma to help SA reveal ANC corruption.

Early this month, a person who represented himself or herself as Elma mutavhatsindi started posting stuff about witchcraft but people didn't take him or her serious then. People are not sure as to who this "Elma mutavhatsindi" is.

As time went by, the person started posting more and more stuff about witchcraft, revealing things people didn't know. Facebookers confirmed that some of the contents were true but the question was how does Elma know the stuff she was posting.

According to some of her post she was a witch and she's now born again, she claims she was helped by Prophet Shepard Bushiri to repent and become the new person she's. She said that she's going to reveal all witchcraft she knows about around Venda, she's going to clean it and people want her to go to their places. Some of the place she spoke about are Phiphidi, Tshisaulu, Vhufuli, Khubvi, Gondeni.

Her very first Facebook account has been blocked at and now there are a lot of accounts by the name of Elma Mutavhatsindi which is leaving her followers not believing that it's still the same person. People are happy and they said she's doing a great job and that she should also help reveal ANC corruption since she knows information that we don't know about.

What is your take on this? Don't you think whoever "Elma Mutavhatsindi" is will land themselves in trouble by what they are doing? And what about people who are now creating accounts and pretending to be Elma?

Please leave your comment, follow me and stay tuned.❤️

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