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ANC government left Cyril Ramaphosa disappointed again, After they did this

ANC will always be corrupted party in South Africa and nothing can change, it all started when President Cyril Ramaphosa used the Local Government Elections to win a second term in the ANC. You are slow if you haven't seen this one. Now President Cyril Ramaphosa has started to conceded that many municipalities are not serving communities as they are plagued by corruption and mismanagement as well as inefficiencies. South Africans are still believes in Cyril and his corrupted party ANC. We're lost as a South African nations. So many South Africans need to wake up and start doing a good thing, because If you drive around town, you will see how bad potholes are in that town, and it's been governed by ANC all these years. Water amd electricity issues, everything is just bad and unfortunately people will fall for his lies. As long as ordinary citizens put their hopes on politicians they will continue to struggle.A politician will tell you today that he will kill for somebody and tomorrow will advocate for the same person to be imprisoned then the following day will say that he must be released.

Let's forget about ANC, because EFF is the one party that can bring changes.

EFF: Jobs manje.

Voters: How are you going to do it?

EFF: You, ANC fools, ask foolish questions.

IEC: ANC has won.

EFF: Elections were rigged.

Politics is a conundrum. Give us case studies, numbers and workable concepts not expletives. We, voters, are critiquing all political parties, and we shall give feedback post elections on how they fared in handling scrutiny. Expletives don't win votes; it takes decorum to convince voters. Some voters make decisions based on case studies, numbers and concepts not noise. Once Julius Malema becomes a President we are resigning from our jobs. The man will give us everything for free that it will be very foolish to go to work.

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