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RIP: Covid-19 Claims A Well Known Politician

A very well known politician has lost his life, has lost his life through Covid-19 complications. But I have to a that during the final years of his life he had medical problems as a result he contracted a diseases in the form of cancer one of the most deadliest diseases, myeloma is the form of cancer he was battling with.


Messages of condolences are pouring in for him, even from rival political leaders. They have stated that they didn't really agree with him most of the time but they did acknowledge the fact that the world has lost a great leader. In the world of politics it's very difficult to make everybody happy but they knew that each an every decision he has taken his heart was in the right place.

The wife of a famous actor in Will Smith was left in distraught, she gave a very touching tribute about the fallen in, she has stated that in life in general we really need great minds... Unfortunately in this situation we have lost a great mind, Covid-19 is confirmed to cause have in our lives may his soul rest in peace.

Our deepest condolences goes towards the family, we know that in life it's very much difficult to cope with the death of a loved one. He will be greatly missed he played a massive role, in changing lives but now it's time for him to rest in peace. It will always hurt when we lose a leader or a loved one even when we know that in life we're living in borrowed time, he made something special with his life he's life had a meaning.

Right now we have to be grateful, for the excellent service he gave towards the people, he left a great legacy behind him may he rest in power.


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