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Border Patrol|| Political Interference Led To The Cancelled Cooperation Between Afriforum & SA Army

Afriforum in a border dispute with the South African Defence Force over border patrols.

Members of the SANDF and the SAPs have been ordered to stop working with Afriforum's border security structures in Musina in Limpopo. The manager for Afriforum Jacques Broodryk said that it is very clear that political interference is once again derailing successful efforts by committed citizens to work together to stop criminal activities at the Musina border post. Broodryk said the Afriforum 's patrolling officers at the border with Zimbabwe had a good working relationship with the law enforcement and military personnel on the ground, but the SANDF and SAPs officials were told to stop working with the Afriforum's safety structures in Musina.

The department of home affairs and the defense forces have shown unhappiness with the Afriforum's Border Watch Initiative launched last month. The defense force released a statement and said that it was against the law for a civil organization or NGO, even a business to conduct any patrols at any borders of the country. The Army further said that it will not share its responsibility of patrolling border lines given to it by the Constitution. The army also said that it is their responsibility to maintain all borderline integrity of the country and not any other non-state grouping or groups.

The SANDF feels like the Afriforum is taking its jobs or working at the border lines. As it said that the responsibility of the area belongs to them, as the statutory law enforcement agency and their responsibility cannot be shared with businesses or NGO organizations. The department of Home Affairs responded to a shared video that suggested that the Afriforum has taken over the responsibility of patrolling the borderlines along the Limpopo River. They said all that which was shown was not true. It said the Afriforum members are patrolling their farms which are close to the borderlines.

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