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3 Things Making Mzansi People Poor Day By Day (See This)

Although quite a few years—more than 27—have passed since South Africa's return to democracy in Mzansi. It is really unfortunate that, despite the fact that all races now have equal opportunity to apply for jobs, contracts, startup companies, and other opportunities that can lead to financial stability and advancement, black people still appear to be among the most economically disadvantaged. Have you as readers ever sat down and wondered why many Black people are still living in poverty despite the fact that things are as they are?

As for me, I've done so, and what I've discovered is that, most of the time, the reason that many of us are poor has nothing to do with the Government or the lack of jobs, but rather with ourselves as Black people. I've discovered that we frequently waste money on things that are pointless, so allow me to walk you through three of them in this article.

1. Firstly, let's do Stockvels

Today, many people in wealthy neighborhoods run annual food stockpiles. They receive their food in December, and because they use manpower to finish it, they must contribute again until the following December in order to receive more food, which is very wrong. Since there is no purchase in this grocery store, why don't we establish our own business at Stockvels?

2. Secondly, let's do funerals

Many people today don't have homes. They don't own any vehicles, businesses, or other assets that their children can inherit, which is really bad, but they do have expensive insurance policies for tombstones and coffins. Instead of spending a fortune on a funeral, why not fund organizations that will provide for your kids should you pass away before they do? A costly casket won't do that.

3. Lastly, let's do cars

Everyone wants to own a car, and purchasing one as soon as you get a job is never a problem. However, it seems that the problem with us is that we pursue things we cannot afford in order to appease friends and women. Most South Africans are unaware that a car is a liability rather than an investment, and that spending money on auto maintenance alone is unfathomable.

As a writer, I've seen that there are many bad habits that we should break rather than complaining constantly about the lack of work that we could have generated for ourselves but instead choose to spend money on. What are your thoughts on this? Post your comments below.

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